Can people that teach others how to build successful online businesses actually create a successful online business from scratch…again?

We teach people how to build successful online businesses but we don’t like to do it in a conventional way.

The conventional way would be to build up one successful business and use that as a case study for the next 50 years. We could then use our How to Make Money business as the thing we showcase to attract more students.

The problem with this is most of the people that we teach aren’t building businesses showing people how to make money.

Not even close.

And many of the rules that people use in How to Make Money businesses don’t apply to other businesses.

For example, it’s okay to charge $1,000 for a course in the How to Make Money niche, but how does that work in the gardening niche?

So in our eyes, it’s not fair for us to assume that what we do with our Odd Noodle brands will 100% work for your knitting business (or whatever you run).

Because of that, we need to continue to challenge ourselves to see what works and what doesn’t across different niches.

This is where Pocket Business Challenges come in.

Every couple of months we will challenge ourselves to create a new business from scratch that isn’t related to How to Make Money. The goal is to build a standalone business that makes money.

Sometimes we will use the conventional methods that we teach in our programs. Other times we will use unconventional methods to test new things out (can an adult really build a business using Tiktok?!).


Because we need to see what works and we need to see if what we teach still works.

(Hint: It probably does, otherwise why would we teach it.)