The Pocket Business Challenge

You can read the material and understand everything that you need to do, but that doesn’t always remove the doubt.

It doesn’t matter that you see how to define your Hero, choose a perfect micro-offer, nail down an email sequence, and create a landing page.

The doubt still might remain and that can prevent you from pushing launch on everything.

If you would feel more comfortable with a guiding hand to get your offer business off the ground then the Pocket Business Challenge is perfect for you.

The Pocket Business Challenge is a 21-Day Challenge. We will walk you through all of the main components needed to sell your micro-offer.

We will cover the following during the Challenge and you will complete ALL of this with our help:

  • Defining your Hero
  • Defining your micro-offer, your order bump, and your upsell
  • Outlining your micro-offer
  • Crafting your sales sequence
  • Writing your landing page copy

If you feel like you accomplish more under a structured format with guidance from the people that know this stuff, then this Challenge is for you.

Once the Challenge is complete, the only thing left for you will be to actually create the micro-offer which won’t take you long as you’ll have it all outlined.

All of that icky sales material will already be complete and waiting to launch.

As I’m sure you’re aware this is the stuff that people charge thousands of dollars for and if we had any common sense we would do the same.

But nobody ever said we had common sense and for that reason, you can join the Challenge for the rate in the email you received.

Doors will close Tuesday night as we need a week to prepare the group. If you have specific questions please send an email to or hit me up in Slack.

How It Works

The Challenge will officially begin on July 7th. Here is the schedule of events:

  • July 7th: Defining Your Hero
  • July 9th: Brainstorming Your Offer Ideas
  • July 11th: Outlining Your Micro-Offer
  • July 14th: Writing Your 3 Belief Emails
  • July 17th: Writing Your Landing Page Copy
  • July 21st: Defining Your Opt-in(s)
  • July 24th: Your 10 Honeypot Content Pieces
  • July 28th: Defining Your Launch Strategy

In between these dates you’ll be getting feedback on all of your work so that you feel confident in moving on to the next thing.

Doors are closed. This will return in September.

Please note that this is non-refundable. You are getting 100% of our time on this and that’s something we can’t get back.