I was fortunate to play sports when I was growing up. I was fortunate to have a competitive Mom and Dad.


Because I always loved the idea of coming from behind to win. I figured if they (whoever the hell it was) could win, why couldn’t it?

I brought this mentality over to business. I would see people succeed with an idea and I thought, “well, why can’t I?”

Apparently, not everybody sees the world like that.

Many people get an idea to start a business, go out and look to see what has been done, and then get discouraged that others have already done it.

Some of them have done it really well.

They come back to me and ask what’s the point?

Here’s the point.


Everybody starts in the bottom 10%. The people in the top 10%? They started there as well.

And guess what?

When they were at the bottom they looked up and saw the top 10% and realized that they will earn a place there.

Everybody starts in the bottom 10%. Some people are uncomfortable there and quit. Some people are lazy and stay there.

Others realize that the race has just started for them and it’s time to go.

So they go.

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