[Blogging Handbook] Did We Finally Make It?

On October 28th, we got 392 pageviews.

I wasn’t exactly happy.

I smiled, but that wasn’t THAT many more pageviews than the 183 the day before. I mean, you were talking to a guy that was used to 3,000 page view DAYS.

Okay, that only happened once, but that’s what I expected!

So I smiled at the day and made sure to reserve any happiness until the next day’s numbers.

Don’t worry, I won’t break all of this down into story. Here is what happened:

  • October 29th: 654 pageviews
  • October 30th: 1,531 pageviews
  • October 31st: 4,523 pageviews

654 was great. 1,531 felt like a blessing.


I had to call my Mom up to see if she was refreshing the pages on our site.

4,523 pageviews in a single day was absolutely amazing. I was excited, but also had some anxiety.

What if this was the peak? What if all came crumbling down again.

How were these bloggers able to keep getting high levels of traffic?

We were riding a traffic rollercoaster and it wasn’t fun.

Super Sad Face Downward Traffic

Unfortunately, that was the peak.

  • November 1st: 3,096 pageviews
  • November 2nd: 2,734 pageviews
  • November 3rd: 1,522 pageviews
  • November 4th: 1,182 pageviews

It was happening all over again. The amazing peak followed by the depressing crash.

But I wasn’t going to be okay this time because we were pumping out more of the popular content. We weren’t giving up on this one.

  • November 5th: 1,216

Okay, a very very small uptick.

  • November 6th: 2,515

Nice nice.

  • November 7th: 1,754

Hm, okay, not terrible but the spike only lasted a day before dropping.

  • November 8th: 1,672

Blah. It was like pressing the top floor on the elevator and you’re going down to the basement.

  • November 9th: 3,018
  • November 10th: 7,253
  • November 11th: 10,112

Let me stop right here.

10,000 pageviews in a single day.

Oh, you best believe we went out for drinks.

Forget thinking about 100,000 pageviews in a month. We were talking going to 300,000 pageviews in a month!

The next two days were even better:

  • November 12th: 12,520 pageviews
  • November 13th: 12,793 pageviews

Seriously, life was good. You have to remember that we started working on this site in May, launched it in June, and over 5 months later we were seeing some rewards.

I felt vindicated. I believed that we could make a blog work and we had.

The next day I figured we’d get 13,000 pageviews. Things were starting off slow but I knew that traffic always picked up in the afternoon.

But before the afternoon came my wife asked me how much money we had. More specifically she was wondering if we had money for groceries.

This part of the story is hard to tell because I can distinctly remember the feeling I had when she asked that question.

My heart dropped and it felt like 100 people were standing and laughing at me.

“Ha. Ha. You thought you were special? You thought you were doing something great? You can’t even put food on the table!”

But what about the freelancing money?

It was drying up because I stopped looking for new clients and my projects were ending. I wanted to devote 100% of my time on the blog but I didn’t have a gameplan for if we didn’t make money.

So here I am with my wife staring at me and my brother hearing the conversation from the other room.

No money was coming in.

We had 12,000 pageviews on a blog but that didn’t mean anything.

It was like 12,000 people coming into your restaurant, asking for a water, and then leaving.

What was the point?

Oh did I mention that day we ONLY did 7,468 pageviews?

It was a huge drop in traffic.

The next day? 5,324 pageviews. Then 3,971.

Due to having no money I didn’t feel great, but I saw an opportunity.

At the rate we were pulling in pageviews we could get into AdThrive if we maintained this for a 30-day period.


There was a problem. There were 3 people in our house. My wife, my brother, and myself.

That’s 3 mouths to feed.

Now, when I lived alone back in the day I could go days without eating if I needed to, but I could never ask my wife or brother to do that.

So I did two really hard things:

  1. I asked to borrow some money from my friend
  2. I told my brother that he would have to go back to Florida and live with our parents

One of those things was enough to kill my ego. Both of them at the same time?

It put me in a bad state mentally. I can’t lie.

But what it also made me do is buckle down and make sure this site got to where it needed to go.

In November, the site had done 129,677 pageviews. That was enough to get into AdThrive, but I didn’t want to apply yet because I wasn’t sure how the traffic was going to play out.

In my depressing month of December? 149,358 pageviews.

It was still enough for AdThrive so I applied at the end of December and we were accepted.

Money was going to come in!

But not until March. You see with AdThrive and most ad networks they pay you on Net-45 or Net-60 terms.

That means for the money that we made in January, we’d have to wait 45 days until it was paid out.

That meant March 15th.

And it was only going to be $828.11.

I had borrowed money already, told my brother he had to go back to Florida, and had no freelancing money coming in.

There was absolutely no chance we could wait until March for $800.

I was freaking out and I try my best not to freak out. At least not so anyone can tell that I’m freaking out.

For a couple of days I honestly had no clue what to do.

Then one day I published an income report and I shared my numbers for ThriveStrive.

And that’s the day I started my path to a million dollars.