[Blogging Handbook] Pinterest Sucks

Here is what you have to understand about Pinterest. Almost every blogger that was trying to get into the ad networks was using it for traffic generation.

There were literally only two ways to get traffic, or at least only two ways that people taught, and that was Pinterest or Google.

If you learned about Google and SEO then that usually meant you were working on a niche site that was making money with affiliate marketing.

But if ads were your goal then you went with Pinterest.

So when Pinterest made this particular algorithm change in July 2019 it hurt.

This one hurt more than the Google change because Pinterest was the easy ticket to getting blog traffic.

It was your method for getting into the ad networks as quickly as possible. This was literally the livelihood for 1000s of bloggers.

In August, the site did 126,827 pageviews. In September? 96,750.

It hasn’t received over 100,000 pageviews since then.

But again, and this is important, this wasn’t just my problem. This was almost every blogger’s problem and people didn’t know how to fix it.

They just assumed there was something they could do because with every single Pinterest change before you just had to make tweaks.

Not with this one.

With this one, Pinterest completely changed how it worked from the bottom up.

Because we helped over 1,600 build successful blogs we obviously had to look into this. We did a whole Pinterest traffic study.

The results were not pretty.

Pinterest had truly changed and the days of getting easy traffic from it looked to be over.

To be sure we even relaunched one of those blogs that I had let die. If you want to read about our case study for that then you can check it out here.

Working on a blog and starting from scratch only confirmed what we believed.

Blogging as we had known it had completely changed overnight.

Which brings us to today and the new age of blogging.