[Blogging Handbook] The New Age of Blogging

You spend time putting your blog together so you can get it out the door and really start with this thing.

You do so and 5 people visit on the first day. Back in the day this would mean nothing.

5 people aren’t going to bring you money. You still had about 24,000 people to go in a month before that happened.

But why shouldn’t you be able to make money with those 5 people? I’m not talking about cheap ads like Adsense where you make a penny a day.

I’m talking about $10, $30, 100 or more.

Before I dive deeper into this concept I would love to talk about you.

You’re here because you see blogging as a chance for freedom.

It could be from a 9-5 job.

It could be from a relationship.

It could be from debt.

Either way, you want to see how blogging can help you obtain freedom and that’s what we focus on. We look to see how anyone can get the most out of blogging.

You’ve seen my story with its ups and downs.

Instead of simply saying that a blog shouldn’t be built from the ground up with the idea of getting a lot of pageviews, I wanted to show you my own journey and how it shaped my methods of teaching bloggers.

With that in mind, why would I teach you the exact same methods that caused those rollercoasters for me?

Why wouldn’t I show you how to set your blog up for a chance of making money on day 1 no matter how much traffic you’re getting, just as long as you’re getting some traffic?

Most importantly why wouldn’t I show you how to future-proof your blog so your online business will still be viable 5-10 years from now?

That’s the purpose of the Blog Simple Framework.

You should be able to create a blog that tries to get the most out of each visitor. Maybe it’s with affiliate marketing or maybe it’s with your own products.

It honestly doesn’t matter as long as you’re making money.

But you have to change your approach to blogging slightly. You have to do more upfront planning so you understand where you’re going to take things.

And the biggest benefit is that you can still work your way towards getting enough traffic for ads, but instead of waiting to make money until that happens, you try to make money from the start.

The longer you have to wait to achieve freedom, the further away it seems.

There is no reason why you should have to worry about an algorithm change from Google or Pinterest.

There is no reason why you should have to worry about choosing the right niche.

Your blog should be relevant now as it will be 5-10 years from today.

If you could future proof your blog journey then why wouldn’t you want to take that step?