The 4 U’s of Copywriting

Not the four ewes. That’s something totally different. Today we’re talking about the 4 U’s of Copywriting. They are: Useful Urgent Unique Ultra-Specific In most cases, I’m not a fan of alliteration (remember that from the literary devices post?) but this time all four of the U’s make perfect sense. Let’s look at how to …

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The Best Way To Learn Blogging

best way to learn blogging

Half of me wants to tell you that the best way to learn blogging is to just start. Just start a blog and see how you do. But the other half of me, the half that remembers my blogging story and that that is pretty much how I tried to learn to blog says, WHOA, …

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How to Create a Swipe File & Why You Should

I have a pet peeve. It’s when I (or anyone) thinks they have to always come up with something “original”. Let me tell you what I mean. Sometimes I think about who was the first person to try coffee? How did they figure it out? We are so lucky to have the experience of other …

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How to Use Slack As a Community for Your Audience

Slack is my virtual home away from home. It’s where we host our online Community and it’s where I collaborate daily with my boss for Pocket Business projects. Slack was built to be a collaboration hub for teams. It’s a faster solution to getting answers and updates on projects than email. But at Odd Noodle …

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