The program is going to last 6 months. That gives us the opportunity to get through everything, help you make changes and then see what the results of those changes are so that you can continue to tweak things as you grow your business. This time with the confidence that you know WHAT to tweak and when.

We’ll hop on a call at the beginning of each month and then communicate via Discord throughout the month.

Month 1

We’ll start with a kick off call to get to know you and your business. We’ll want all the details. Your blog, your social media handles, your analytics and we’ll be signing up for your email list.

As we go through all of the audience material, we’ll be sending you action items so that you can start making changes. We’ll be looking at what is working well for you and also what is working well for your competition so that you have fresh content ideas.

Month 2

We’ll review the changes from month one and start looking at your offers. Because we’ve just done a deep dive on your audience in the previous month, we’ll be making sure your opt-in and the outcomes of your offers are matching what your audience needs.

And if this is where you’re stuck, you don’t know what to do for offers, we’ll take what we learned about your audience in Month 1 and help you put together an offer portfolio and choose where to start with your first offer.

Month 3

We’re on to your messaging. We’ll have been looking at this all throughout as we’re going through everything, but this month the focus is on making sure you make changes that will have an impact.

Messaging is going to be anything where you are asking your audience to take action. We’ll look at calls to actions wherever you have them (or where you don’t, but SHOULD!), we’ll look at your opt in message, your landing pages, your emails and whatever else we can find to go over!

Month 4

We’re going back to audience. We’ll look at the impact of the changes we made in Month 1 and see what else can be implemented to keep things growing.

You might be ready to take on a new platform for outreach and we can create a strategy for that.

Month 5

Time to check in on the offers. We’ll want to look at how things are converting and start thinking about what you should be creating next.

We’ll also be looking at any other roadblocks you’re experiencing.

Creating offers tend to be where mindset problems creep up, so we’ll want to see what kinds of things are holding you back so that you can move past them and get those offers polished and ready to sell.

Month 6

You guessed it, back to Messaging. We’ll check on the tweaks that were made and then see what others are needed for the future.

It’s also the last month so we’ll be doing an overview of what you should be thinking about next and answering any questions you have as things wrap up.

When It’s All Said and Done…

At the end of the six months, you’ll have made impactful changes to the three most crucial pieces of your business.

Your audience, your offers and your messaging.

They’re going to make a difference and they’re going to get you to that $10k+ month that you’ve seen others achieve.

But almost more important than that is that after 6 months you’re going to have an understanding of where to look when things aren’t working. You’re going to gain experience and wisdom in business because you’ll be right under our wing as we go through everything.

At the end of the six months you’re going to have less doubt and more confidence in yourself and your business.

I hope you decide to let us help you with that for the next six months.