You Have to Wonder…

Why Does It Take 12+ Months To Do Something That Can Be Done in 6 Weeks?

With the Pocket Business System you’re going to see that building the foundation of your business doesn’t have to be a year-long process.

And while it’s going to be really easy to follow along on your own, sometimes you need a little spark to really push you forward.

That’s where the 6-Week Pocket Business Challenge comes into play.

Starting June 1st (the day The Pocket Business System is released), I’ll be going through all of the material while building out our second brand and you have a chance to follow along.

But this isn’t a Challenge where you get to just watch me. That’s not very challenging at all.

This is about you putting in the work as well and while I don’t expect you to work as quickly as me, I do expect you to get a lot done in 6 weeks.

That’s why every week there will be a call where I go over the current week’s material and a preview of what needs to be done.

I’ve broken down the process of business-building to its most essential elements. No actions will be wasted.

If you’ve been getting in your own way with building your business then this is 100% for you.

This is about putting your head down and getting stuff done.

You’ll also be part of a private group where you get to encourage each other, give each other feedback, and hold each other accountable.

Most importantly you get to see how I tackle each of the exercises within the Pocket Business System.

Consider it a live walkthrough of building a business in 6 weeks.

What will be done in those 6 weeks?

As you can see that’s the whole foundation of a business from beginning to end. The only things left would be:

And that’s it.

Everything else will be done or mapped out so you know what to do.

If you get stuck on a step, you post your options in the private group and I’ll make the decision for you.

For example, if you show me a list of offers that you think you should create, you tell me the options, and I’ll tell which ones to create and in what order.

So to summarize here is what you’ll get:

This is going to be a $500 upsell on the Pocket Business System that you’ll also be getting access to on June 1st.

However, because I need you to get over whatever roadblock has been preventing you from killing it with your business, this challenge is available to you for $99.

It starts Tuesday.

Are you in?

PS: Because everything will be recorded you can definitely do this at your own pace. I’ll just be doing everything in 6 weeks to show that it’s possible to get almost everything you need done in such a time period.