The 33×3 Challenge

102 days ago I made a challenge for myself.

I was going to write 100 blog posts, do 100 podcasts, record 100 videos, and publish them all each day for 100 days.

Yesterday was day 100.

It was amazing.

In total, I created 365 new pieces of content.

Combined with Marybeth we did 465 new pieces of content in 100 days. Unheard of.

It was no small feat and I learned a lot about myself, but more important WE (yes, Marybeth did the challenge and conquered it as well), put our business in a much better place.

I mean think about it. If you created that much content in that timeframe how is your business NOT better off than it was before.

One of the most difficult things about an online business is being consistent with value creation.

If you can consistently create some type of value for your audience over a period of time then you’re going to be in good shoes.

As we were going through #the 100 people kept on asking us how we did it and they wished they had the ability to do something similar.

The reality is that they do, but they might not have a complete plan to make it happen.

And plus, 100 days in a row is pretty daunting mentally so most people quit before they even begin.

But what if you just had to publish a post every 3 days? What if you could also write an email that was associated with the post? Even better what if you could create a perfect piece of social media to go along with the post AND the email?

More importantly what if you were to do this over 100 days?

99 Pieces of Content in 100 Days

That’s what 33×3 is all about.

Every 3 days we will provide you with a new content prompt and keyword strategy to follow.

We’ll show you the post that we create with the prompt along with the email and social media post to go along with it.

We’ll do this 33 times over 99 days.

How much better off will your business be with 99 new pieces of content for your audience?

Your Niche Doesn’t Matter

Now it’s important to keep in mind these won’t be basic content prompts where we simply tell you to “talk about your first crush” and you don’t see how it applies to your niche.

Instead, you’ll be given a prompt that includes a SEO strategy behind it ALONG with a story prompt so you get more of your brand into the post.

That means that 33×3 applies to ANY niche. It doesn’t matter.

Even better you’ll know the exact email to write to your audience that applies to the post as well.

The Rules

The rules are simple:

  • Every 3 days we will send you your new content prompts.
  • You do not have to keep pace with these prompts. You work at your own pace.
  • You have access to these prompts forever.
  • We have to show you our own version of a post that fits within the prompt, along with the email that we wrote, and the social media post that we created.
  • The Challenge officially starts on December 1st and ends on March 11th, 2021.
  • You have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to sign up.

This means that over the span of 100 days you will end up creating more content than most people do in a year.

In 100 days you can give your business an opportunity to really succeed.

In 100 days you can build stronger connections with your audience and truly grow your business.

But it all depends on you.

We’ll do the hard part for you. You just have to promise to show up.

An Example

So how does a content prompt work that actually applies to ALL niches?

I’m glad you asked.

The concept is that you should be able to combine the strategy behind SEO and the art of storytelling.

So here’s an example from Day 1.

Now that you have your Content Map setup (go back to Day 0) if you missed this. Take a look at your Topics and choose one for a Topic Cluster.

The idea behind the Topic Cluster is that you’re going to build up a cluster around a topic so that you have a resource for your reader.

Will all 33 pieces of content go within this Topic Cluster? That depends on how big the topic is. It can be hard to tell at the beginning until you start to knock out content.

So for today’s content, you’re going to write a Beacon post that answers a specific question. You’re going to think of a question that someone would ask about in your topic.

For example: How do I feed my betta fish while on vacation?

But you aren’t randomly coming up with a question. You are going to use Google’s Alphabet Soup Method. You want to make sure you actually come up with a question that someone would ask and Google will let you know if it’s been asked before.

If you don’t know about the Alphabet Soup Method then here is a quick primer:

As you can see you can really come up with an unlimited number of content ideas, but remember, we want to stay within the topic.

For your question, today let’s do a “How to…” question. So start your search with “how to” or “how do” then add an action, then a word on your topic, and then either ‘a’, b’, or ‘c’.

How do I feed my betta fish while on vacation?

Yeah I know I didn’t use ‘a’, ‘b’, or ‘c’. I went with ‘w’. That’s how I roll.

What about search volume? For most of you going through this, you’ll want a low search volume or 0. How can you check? To be honest, I wouldn’t bother.

The goal here is to answer the question as it will be valuable to your reader.

But we aren’t done.

We need to add a story element to it.

The great thing about stories is that you can find ways to tie them into the main topic that you’re discussing. You just need a trigger.

For this piece of content your trigger is:

What are some of your pet peeves?

What you want to do is integrate this answer into your post. Don’t make the WHOLE post about the answer. It could be a paragraph or a number of paragraphs. But use it to draw the reader in and let them know about you and then you can sprinkle more parts of the answer throughout the post.

And there you go.